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          The enterprise of type of production of high purity silicon nitride powder new materials - Jin Shenghao

          We focus on the possibility of silicon nitride material, to help our customers find unique solutions. Our advanced ideas and scientific production system to ensure that the products of enduring stability and a high standard of quality. Success comes from our close cooperation with customers, to meet the different requirements of customized. Engineering materials problems raised by customers, by our thinking about creative solutions and implementation.


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          ? Anyang Jin Shenghao New Material Co., Ltd. all right reserved Yu ICP No.15000993 
          Other nitriding products please click www.ayhayj.com Into the other group companies

          Add: Anyang Long'an District of Gaoping Industrial Park,Henan,China (455000)
          Sales Hotline: 86-0372-5658330
          Fax:86- 0372-5658330
          Q     Q:  464972959 點擊這里給我發消息
          E-mail: sales@si3n4.cc 

          Marketing Director
          Zhang Zhi 86-0372-5658330 86-18790845666
          E-mail: market@si3n4.cc

          Technical support
          E-mail: support@si3n4.cc        technology@si3n4.cc

          The Office
          E-mail: info@si3n4.cc

          The Ministry of personnel
          E-mail: hr@si3n4.cc

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